Reiki - Rob Smith

Reiki provides an incredible way of assisting a person to center their physical and spiritual selves. By assisting a person with an issue allows me to make that little personal "connection" with the person.

Rob studied and became attuned to Reiki in 2011 and began this journey with the guidance of Alison Maiden.

I have found since becoming a Reiki practitioner that by using the natural energies assists myself, my contact and my care with others

Reiki - Lee Scrivens

Lee Scrivens is a Reiki Master and is very passionate about helping people to live a better, healthier and a happier life so they can help themselves to live the life that their heart desires.

I may use Crystals, Pendulums and Tarot cards to aid me in my evaluations and Reiki sessions for my clients.

My believes are that everyone should be able to afford what Reiki can offer and I am determined keep it that way.

My road to Reiki has come from a difficult and painful lesson in my life from where I was later led to an amazing lady called Allison Correll, (now Alison Maiden) a most wonderful spiritual medium, and Reiki / Seichim Master, who opened my eyes to the wonderful life I now lead.

I attained my Reiki Master in June 2012 and slowly worked on myself and my spiritual growth. I have also studied the Seichem healing system.

I have since been shown and taught a lot about my life and how to live it. It has been a journey I have been very passionate about and would love to pass on to others.

I have and still will enjoy traveling around Australia fulfilling an amazing bucket list and love helping people along the way.