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Lee Scrivens

My name is Lee - also known as Liane occasionally :)

I am a passionate Bowen therapist in Booral, Hervey Bay QLD.

I gained my qualifications through Bowen Training Australia which is the original Bowtech technique developed by Tom Bowen.

I am totally in awe of the Bowen technique.

I had quite a few old injuries before I discovered Bowen Therapy and have been amazed at the results and healing to my body, which I never thought possible.

As the old cliche goes "I loved it so much I bought the company" 😄. Well in this case I became a Bowen therapist.

I am amazed at the body's natural healing power and with the Bowen Technique I wish to relieve my clients of all their muscular pain, stiffness, and ailments that Bowen can treat, to help you not live in daily pain.

I am also a Reiki Master and love the energy that Reiki can bring into your life to help with everyday life.

My other love is Australia, together with Rob we have traveled Australia in our motor-home and absolutely love this country. There is so much here to see and do. Our bucket list, "a big one" is of experiences and travel that will never end.

I believe some regular body maintenance with Bowen Therapy, a good diet, a bit of exercise 🚴 and plans for the future, is essential to live the life you want to have.

My name is Rob and I have been in the Nursing and health field for longer than I wish to admit.

Now I am incredibly fortunate to add the title of “Bowen Therapist” to my list of skills. Being able to offer Bowen Therapy in our wonderful Booral area of Hervey Bay Queensland is such a treat.

Initially having trained as a General Registered Nurse in South Australia and still working as an RN. I gained more qualifications in Accident and Emergency, Intensive Care, Rehabilitation and Workers Compensation and also in Palliative Care which has allowed me the flexibility to work with my clients and be able to offer some Nursing / Medical advice when needed. In addition I have worked with the SA St John Ambulance in varied roles. Also I have been fortunate to work and gain more experience in many regional and remote hospitals around this great land on our travels.

I am also a Reiki practitioner and have used this wonderful healing modality successfully in all aspects of my work and home life.

Now working with our clients offering a Holistic approach to Health by providing Hands on Healing through Bowen Therapy, spiritual and emotional growth with Reiki and access to traditional and Holistic medical assistance and advice is wonderful!

I know that the body's natural healing power and the aspects of health can be balanced with Bowen Therapy and a healthy lifestyle. My aim as a practitioner is to assist a client to identify areas of their health which may need improvement, whether a physical issue, pain or something else I would attempt to help in all areas.

As Lee has explained we have travelled Australia in our motorhome and absolutely love this great brown land! We count ourselves fortunate to now call Booral home with all that the life on the Fraser Coast offers.

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